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About the photographer -John Armstrong


I have been snapping photographs and knew I wanted to be a photographer since age 16. 

In high school I was recruited by the year book staff sponsor and librarian, Mrs. Bess, and the El Paso Journal covering El Paso High School sports and special events. While working for the El Paso Journal, Sheri Partner a photographer and co-editor, took me to buy my first 35mm SLR (I still own that Minolta today) and I ditched the Kodak point and shoot. She also taught me to develop my first roll of black & white T-Max film and make my very first paper prints.

In 11th grade I began working at one hour photo hut in the local mall as a co-op program for the graphic arts class I was taking and learned the process for color film and prints. One perk of working here was having an employee discount on in house print services and film. I did take advantage of this and would stock up on film after my Saturday shift and skip church on Sunday mornings to roam the country roads and take many of my landscape portraits. 

In recent years I’ve become more interested in photographing people and creating lighted portraits for fashion, editorial, and commercial uses. 

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